Music Saves Lives and So Does a Good DJ… It’s not a job, it’s the love of making people have a good time by way of music. Women Who ROCK the 1’s and 2’s was the topic this past Sunday on Real Chicks Rock! Presents Real Discussions. My guests – DJ Hourglass and DJ Dice Gamble are talented, passionate professional DJs that have a love for what they do and are clear on why they keep doing it. Their experiences have allowed them to rock all types of crowds nationally and internationally. This discussion you want to hear for yourself as we talked about those that have supported them, those they admire, and those they are influenced by. We thanked all the people (men and women) that have been supportive and to those that tried to slide in the DM way…Well, you’ll just have to listen to the discussion if you missed it. Thanks to all those that tuned in (We see you IG fans). Thanks to Status Network/LyveTV for production time and space. Thanks to my guests who lit up the airwaves during our conversation. Much continued success to you both. Until next time ~ Take Care, Be Well and continue to… #ROCKon#RealChicksRock#RCR#RealDiscussions#DJs#StatusNetwork#LyveTV​ Listen or view us LIVE: 2pm – 4pm EST every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month on or Facebook LIVE. Call in to the show (470) 251-4343 Join in on the conversation – We love to hear what’s on your heart and mind! Subscribe, Like, Follow, Stay connected with Real Chicks Rock!™: Watch the full episode on Real Chicks Rock!™ website:…​ I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO! [MUSIC & COPYRIGHT PERMISSION WAS ALL RISE (THE LOUNGE LIZARDS BOOTLEG MIX) ] THE MUSIC IS FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY