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The Beat Break Morning Show Episode 17: Dating in Atlanta (Part One)

The Beat Break Morning Show Episode 16 – F#%$ Independent Media & Podcasting

The Beat Break Morning Show Episode 15 – Mental Massage Vs. Verzuz

The Beat Break Morning Show Episode 15 – Mental Massage Vs. Verzuz Special guests Melinda Woods and S. Lani Hayes of discuss their Mental Massage organization and initiative to help people dealing with mental health. Plus, morning show hosts Sean Garvey & DJ Rollem break down which artists should go against each other on Verzuz! The Beat Break Morning Show Weekday Mornings 6am – 10am e.s.t. on Podcast FM, Beat Break 87 FM, and Reach One Network.

The Beat Break Morning Show Episode 14: A Casual Conversations Reunion

Morning show host Sean Garvey returns to his old moniker “Brotha Rashawn” as he reunites with the Casual Conversation crew (DJ DCas, DJ Yogi, & Ms. Dia) to share flashback stories of their most memorable moments while working with each other on WRFG 89.3 FM. The Beat Break Morning Show Weekday Mornings 6am – 10am e.s.t. Podcast FM, Beat Break 87 FM, & Reach One Network.

M.A.Y.A. Episode #39 When Self Defense Works Against You

Self Defense is defined as s a “countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm”. Self Defense is often thought of in a physical context, have you ever thought about how you defend yourself emotionally, mentally or even spiritually. Tune into M.A.Y.A. My Ambition Your Ambition and explore the healthy and unhealthy ways that natural instinct and unconscious defense mechanism sabotage getting to the best version on YOU!!!

M.A.Y.A. Episode 36: Time to Clean Up Emotional Messes

One of the biggest obstacles in getting to your happy place consistently or seeing the results you truly desire in getting to the best version of yourself is the emotional messes we move around. We often talk about emotional and mental baggage we take from place to place and relationships in our lives.. Well the time is now to stop . Join Maya in Episode #36 to take a hard look at your emotional messes and how to start to clean them up which will allow you to create the emotional and mental space you need to grow!!

M.A.Y.A. Episode #35: Know YOUR Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are essential in understanding where you can start building the desired relationships you want in your life. Getting up close and personal with what makes you comfortable emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually is a practice you should employ on a daily basis. Tune into M.A.Y.A. Episode #35 as we discuss the importance of understanding the source aka origins and purpose of healthy boundaries in your relationships.

M.A.Y.A. EPISODE 32: Stop Your Silence..UnMute Yourself

Do you often feel like you are walking on eggshells? That in certain relationships or situations you feel you can not speak your mind, express how you feel? Do you feel like you are frequently on mute? It is important not to confuse choosing to use a filter or make adjustments in certain situations as a bad thing; but why and how often you find this happening may be a tall tale sign that you are putting yourself on mute too often. Muting yourself may be having a negative impact on you and your happiness. Tune into M.A.Y.A Episode #32 to explore the danger of muting yourself as a mean to maintaining relationships that directly effect you emotionally, mentally, physically, professionally, and financially. Silencing your needs, wants and desires often come at a cost much higher than maintaining peace and happiness outside of yourself. Guest: LaDonna Raeh, Publicist and Owner of LR Media Group and Mass Media Instructor joins the conversation

M.A.Y.A. Episode 31: The Power and Purpose of Energy

There is a saying, as your energy goes your focus will follows. Question ,what exactly is “your” energy??? Energy could be defined as the impetus behind all of our emotional and mental activities. It can be positive or negative. It can be created and destroyed in exchanges with others and influenced by environments and situations. Understanding the flow of your energy is paramount when putting in the work of getting to that best daily version of you. People, places and things impact our daily lives on many levels specifically with our energy. Tune into Episode 31 of M.A.Y.A. and explore the source of your energy and gain better insight into the motivation behind your focus.

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