M.A.Y.A. Episode #30: The Enigma of the Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is something we all have set in our eyesight.. But what does it really entail and how does it actually play out in our daily lives? Happiness is defined as “ a state of well-being and contentment”. It is contextualized in mental or emotional states that encompass positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to joy. Yet there is an enigma to it? Mysterious, puzzling, or difficult dimensions that do not always stay constant. Tune into Episode #30 of M.A.Y.A to explore what the pursuit of happiness is really all about and how to rethink your approach to navigating it!

M.A.Y.A. Episode #29, Let’s Talk about Self Advocacy

We all have causes we are passionate about. No matter if the focus is political, social or cultural, we seek balance or justice to improve the lives of ourselves or others. This is advocacy, “support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy”. Advocacy is often directed by our moral compass or the core values that drive the choices we make in many of our everyday life actions and decisions. Yet self advocacy, “the action of representing ONESELF or one’s views or interests” for more personal needs and wants is an endeavor many people are not comfortable taking part in. We often will table, subdue or ignore the inner voice that is meant to help us live our best life, be that best version of ourselves…ultimately be happy. Join me for M.A.Y.A. Episode #29 to explore if you are truly being your champion for personal happiness and harnessing the power of self advocacy. JoinIng the conversation will be returning guest, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Dr. Nasiah Cirincione-Ulezi the CEO and Founder of ULEZI, LLC

Episode #28- Opening your Eyes to your Emotional Blind Spot Zone

We all have tendencies to look past things, ignored red flags or fall into a pattern of repetitious unrewarding behavior. Often these behaviors or decisions are unconscious, or are they? Have you found that you keep finding yourself in the same situations with different people, on a bad financial carousel that never seems to stop or on an emotional roller coaster that ends up in the same place when the ride is over? Well, good news, if you have taken notice of these things then your self-awareness and your emotional intelligence may be waking up. Waking up to what you ask? More likely than not, you have been unconsciously going into that uncharted territory of your mind and emotions, the emotional blind spot zone or the EBS Zone. This episode on M.A.Y.A. we will start the discover process of your EBS Zone

M.A.Y.A. Episode #27: The Every Day Work of Creating the best version of you!

Thinking big is a social and cultural norm. We are taught to think often beyond today and plan for tomorrow. Yet there is a danger in thinking and planning ahead, you can miss being in the moment. Being in the moment can be rewarding, uncomfortable or confusing; all the more reason to be present and accountable for what and who were are at that time. In Episode #27 of M.A.Y.A, we will discuss the importance of being present in the moment and working on the everyday best version of yourself!


Build it and they will come…Seek and you shall find. Well known sayings that indirectly points to one very important variable to accomplish the desired outcome, your purpose. Knowing and understanding your purpose is one of the many keys that will help you to unlock one of the many dimensions that comprise the best version of you. Whether you have no idea where you really want to go, do or be or have become disconnected from what it is you desire to be a part of or create; Join M.A.Y.A. in Episode #26 in exploring and discovering the power of purpose.

M.A.Y.A. Episode #25: Reclaim your PERSONAL POWER!!!!

So often we put the needs, wants, desires and demands of others ahead of our own. More often than not, it is unconscious and a pattern of behavior we have normalized; and others have come to expect it. We hear words like giver, unselfish and sacrifice often associated with this behavior but rarely surrender. Surrender?? yes surrendering your wants, needs and desire to appease and accommodate healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics and situations. So, what are you surrendering?? Your Personal POWER!!!! Personal Power is a unique resource you have that you should cherish and protect because it is the fuel that can drive, enlightenment, empowerment and elevation!! Join M.A.Y.A. in Episode #25 to talk about ways you are giving your POWER away and how to RECLAIM it!!

M.A.Y.A Episode #24: The Security and Sabotage of the “Comfort Zone”

Welcome to the first Episode of M.A.Y.A. My Ambition Your Ambition of 2021. We are kicking of the new year with addressing how to deal with challenge and change, specifically starting with an evaluation of the ever so important Comfort Zone . The Comfort zone is the construct that encompasses psychological, emotional, and behavioral domains that exist to create familiarity and feelings of security. Ultimately “your” comfort zone consists of regular habits and routines that create experiences that are low in levels of stress and anxiety. In short, your comfort zone, is all about daily living that is little to no risk for you. From the first family of Chicago basketball, Coach Lance C Irvin, Head Coach Men’s Basketball , Chicago State University will be Joining the show to talk about navigating your comfort zone. Get ready to get comfortable with moving out of YOUR Comfort Zone!!!

M.A.Y.A. Episode #23 : If it Doesn’t CHALLENGE You..It Don’t CHANGE You!!!

This is the final thought show for 2020.. and it is par for the course to talk about challenge and change. This show will set up the first show of 2021 that will be about the purpose and dangers of “The Comfort Zone”. Join me for Episode# 23 to talk about how 2020 has tested and transformed many of our lives. We will reflect on the emotional, mental, financial, spiritual and physical changes many of us have experienced throughout the year and how we were challenged and changed during difficult times .

M.A.Y.A. Episode #22: What’s Behind Your Thinking??

Negative and positive thinking is directly impacted by our past and present experiences. People, places and things forge our memories and become the framework of how we perceive things and development our perception on what is going on in our lives. Let’s take a step back and look at how we focus our thinking on situations from the context and meaning we assign to them…Let’s reflect on your attitude and habits in thinking.

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