Random Select Podcast-Why Men Don’t CRY?

I talk about why some men dont cry and how were conditioned to not cry from birth.

Random Select Podcast-No Justice

In this podcast we talk about the GM layoffs and we talk about the unjust justice system. All this and more on the next Random Select Podcast.

Random Select Podcast-Love, Life, and Relationships

In this episode we ask questions that pertain to Love,Life and Relationships. We have a diverse panel and we give straight forward answers and opinions. All this and more on the next episode of Random Select. @randomselectt

Random Select Podcast-Is there a CRISIS with Black Men?

Seg 1: There are to the playing around game and they must be followed.

Seg 2: All deals that seem true are not always true. We listen to T-Pain talk.

Seg 3: I ask the Question I ask the question “Is there a Crisis going on with Black Men”?

Seg 4: I talk about Random things.

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