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WATCH NOW – Unemployment Check Pilot Episode – Coronacation

When you become unemployed, sometimes you need a reality check! Aaron McKenzie is a late 20-year-old aspiring comedian who loses his radio job in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and moves back in with his mother in an attempt to get back on his feet. Aaron now must maneuver through life with his peers to stay afloat in this quirky and challenging new economic society.

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Credits IzzyReal as Aaron McKenzie Cindy Ecclesiatre as Cameron Hunter Antonio Stalls as Kevin Wiggins Jianna Talley as Melissa Sparks Chauntise Carter as Bae Frederick Philp Jr. as Dekalb Mae Lovelle Wonzon as Malika J. Derek Zakari as Tommy Laughs Bryson Bonta as Chris Parker Julian Bruce as Jacob Marshall Ford Youlanda “Yana Lu” Lewis as Yokanda (The Ridesharing Driver) Sharon Ford as Bridgette McKenzie Orlando Anderson as Quincy Jefferson Douglas Creator, Showrunner, Written, and Executive Producer: Sean Garvey Executive Producer & Director: Tiffany Roberts Writers Sean Garvey Bruce Fennell Nolan Donahue Keith Davis Tiffany Roberts Derek Zakari Contributing Writers Darnell Morris Sonny G. Robbie D. Producers: Sean Garvey & Tiffany Roberts Casting Directors: Reggie Love Cason & Sean Garvey Executive Producer: Reggie Love Cason Production Team: Tim and Nyck of HoneyPhonic & Natasha Luttjeboer pty LTD Additional vocals and narration by Tim and Nyck of HoneyPhonic Production Studios: Rare Sounds Studios Avaloy Studios

What You Allow Will Continue-RSP

In this show I talk about the things that we allow are the things that will continue. I also talk about how the holidays can be depressing if you let it. And I talk about how we as humans are built to self preserve by nature. TO DOWNLOAD CLICK:

Women Who ROCK the 1’s and 2’s

Music Saves Lives and So Does a Good DJ… It’s not a job, it’s the love of making people have a good time by way of music. Women Who ROCK the 1’s and 2’s was the topic this past Sunday on Real Chicks Rock! Presents Real Discussions. My guests – DJ Hourglass and DJ Dice Gamble are talented, passionate professional DJs that have a love for what they do and are clear on why they keep doing it. Their experiences have allowed them to rock all types of crowds nationally and internationally. This discussion you want to hear for yourself as we talked about those that have supported them, those they admire, and those they are influenced by. We thanked all the people (men and women) that have been supportive and to those that tried to slide in the DM way…Well, you’ll just have to listen to the discussion if you missed it. Thanks to all those that tuned in (We see you IG fans). Thanks to Status Network/LyveTV for production time and space. Thanks to my guests who lit up the airwaves during our conversation. Much continued success to you both. Until next time ~ Take Care, Be Well and continue to… #ROCKon#RealChicksRock#RCR#RealDiscussions#DJs#StatusNetwork#LyveTV​ Listen or view us LIVE: 2pm – 4pm EST every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month on or Facebook LIVE. Call in to the show (470) 251-4343 Join in on the conversation – We love to hear what’s on your heart and mind! Subscribe, Like, Follow, Stay connected with Real Chicks Rock!™: Watch the full episode on Real Chicks Rock!™ website:…​ I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO! [MUSIC & COPYRIGHT PERMISSION WAS ALL RISE (THE LOUNGE LIZARDS BOOTLEG MIX) ] THE MUSIC IS FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY

Love & Poetry Podcast: Episode 4 The Bounce Back (Life After Marriage)

Love & Poetry Podcast: Episode 4 The Bounce Back (Life After Divorce) On episode three of the Love & Poetry podcast, Sean Garvey talks with singer and songwriter Dominique about bouncing back from a recent divorce and what life has been like after marriage. Listen live on, TuneIn app Reach One Network and on the Podcast FM app! You can download the app on! Listen on demand tonight on Spotify, Google Play, iHeart Podcasts under Reach One Network. To share your testimonial stories on Love & Poetry, send email to

The Beat Break Morning Show Episode 10: Women Don’t Like Nice Guys

The Beat Break Morning Show Episode 10: Women Don’t Like Nice Guys Sean Garvey & DJ Rollem re-unite with their co-host Dynasty Smith to discuss her new video “All Night,” Dynasty DMs Extended podcast, and other projects she is working on. Plus, special guests Tamiko Drummond, Gavin Turner, Superstar, Starr Keels, and JustATouchOf_J weigh in on the topic subject “Women Don’t Like Nice Men.”

The Beat Break Morning Show Episode 9: Conversations in the Community

The Beat Break Morning Show Episode 9: Conversations in the Community ATLANTA…Can we talk? From the recent mass shootings to the high crime rates in Atlanta, The Beat Break Morning Show welcomes Ron Glaze, Mesha Mainor (a member of the GA House of Representatives) one of APD’s finest and Marisa Ginger Tontaveetong to discuss the recent incident at the massage parlor and other events impacting the Asian community and other local communities in the Atlanta area. Tune into The Beat Break Morning Show weekday mornings at 6am-10am EST on, TuneIn app Reach One Network and on the Podcast FM app! You can download the app in! @djrollem @msdiamond1love #radioshow#radiolife#beatbreakradio#beatbreakmorningshow#podcast#information#news#entertainment#atlantaradio#atlhottest#homicide#rap#asiancommunity#crime#violence#atlantanews

G-Wade Podcast || Brian Joubert || Episode 22

A Conversation with Alan King

Lawyer By Day, DJ By Night… Name someone that fell in love with playing records at 4 years old, practicing law for over 30 years, a loving husband, dedicated father, and an awesome DJ? It’s Chosen Few DJ – Alan King. This funny, smart, and all-around guy good was my guest this past Sunday on Real Chicks Rock! Presents Real Discussions. We talked about the current state of the Presidency to the love of his family to the enjoyment of playing music since he was young. The beauty of it is he shows no signs of slowing down, no time soon. He shared a lot of great stories from how and when he joined The Chosen Few DJs to how it became a festival (it celebrated 30 years last year). What touches him to this day is how he met the one and only, Frankie Knuckles and how they became friends. As well as our 44th President Barack Obama. Thanks to everyone who checked out the show and for your continued support. Thanks to Status Network / Lyve TV. You guys make me look good every time. Love the new background! 😀 Thanks to my guest, Alan King as we wish you much-continued success in everything you do! Until next time, Be Well, Take Care and continue to…#ROCKon#RealChicksRock#RCR#RealDiscussions#RealChicksRockChucks#StatusNetwork#LyveTV#ChosenFewDJs#DJAlanKing

Love & Poetry: Episode 3 The Marriage Life (Growing Old Together)

On episode three of the Love & Poetry podcast, Sean Garvey and Sha’ria Thomas engage in a conversation with Sha’ria’s parents James and Sharon Blackmon on the journey of a 50+ year plus marriage. The Blackmons discuss their highs, lows, and what it takes to maintain a successful marriage.

Credits: Sean Garvey (Podcast Producer) Sha’ria Thomas and Sean Garvey (Hosts)

Music Bed for Intro and Outro Courtesy of Eric Roberson’s Picture Perfect Bass (On Jealous) Jay Bratten Featuring – Phonte Producer – Simkat78 Producer, Written-By, Instruments – Aaron Hardin

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