A Conversation Sengal’s First Female Graffiti Artist

Ladies First, Ladies First To be the first female graffiti artist in Senegal makes for an interesting conversation. This past Sunday, on Real Chicks Rock! Presents Real Discussion, I had the opportunity to chat with Dieynaba Sidibe aka Zeinixx. Zeinixx is talented, smart, focused, and humble. You could feel her energy and passion for the art form throughout our conversation. It was exciting to speak with someone who hails from the beautiful continent of Africa, understands English but primarily only speaks French. Having her teacher/translator help us with the conversation, made our connection go smoothly. Zeinixx has traveled to several countries and her art has been captured in quite a few places. She’s been to the United States (Boston, MA) and NYC but would like to come back and visit again. Her message to women who want to become artist… Well, you’ll just have to check out the episode to hear for yourself (wink πŸ˜‰). Subscribe to the Real Chicks ROCK! YouTube channel or all streaming platforms so you don’t miss it. Thank you to Status Network / Lyve TV, who is always up for a challenge. Thank you to all the listeners both here in the US and in Senegal πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡³ Thank you Zeinixx as we wish you nothing but continued success. Until next time, take care, be well and continue to… #ROCKon​ #RealChicksRock​ #RealChicksRockChucks​ #RCR​ #StatusNetwork​ #LyveTv​ #Graffiti​ #Artist​ #Support​

Millennials On The Move

Millennials Are Doing Things… This past Sunday on Real Chicks Rock! Presents Real Discussions, I had the opportunity to talk with two ladies who were moving in the right direction. My guests – Kashari Rogers and Tasha Harris. These ladies shared their Corporate America experience, the pros, and cons, what they wanted for themselves as entrepreneurs, and where they were heading. We have to support those who get out of their own way and take the risks that help them to live the life that they want. Between Kashari being a Personal Coach – Klarity LLC and Tasha a Yoga Instructor – Bend With Tasha, they are helping people focus on their own individual wellness. Way to Go! There were some gems given that I know will help people that might be uncertain about how to move forward. These ladies are worth keeping an eye on and supporting their businesses as there’s no stopping them. Thanks to all the listeners. Your energy during the show is always contagious. Thanks to Status Network / Lyve TV for engineering and production. Thanks to my guests and all the best to you in the entrepreneurial world. Until next time, Take Care, Be well and continue to…#ROCKon​ #RealChicksRock​ #RealChicksRockChucks​ #RCR​ #RealDiscussions​ #StatusNetwork​ #LyveTv​ #KlarityLLC​ #BendWithTasha​

A Conversation with Alan King

Lawyer By Day, DJ By Night… Name someone that fell in love with playing records at 4 years old, practicing law for over 30 years, a loving husband, dedicated father, and an awesome DJ? It’s Chosen Few DJ – Alan King. This funny, smart, and all-around guy good was my guest this past Sunday on Real Chicks Rock! Presents Real Discussions. We talked about the current state of the Presidency to the love of his family to the enjoyment of playing music since he was young. The beauty of it is he shows no signs of slowing down, no time soon. He shared a lot of great stories from how and when he joined The Chosen Few DJs to how it became a festival (it celebrated 30 years last year). What touches him to this day is how he met the one and only, Frankie Knuckles and how they became friends. As well as our 44th President Barack Obama. Thanks to everyone who checked out the show and for your continued support. Thanks to Status Network / Lyve TV. You guys make me look good every time. Love the new background! πŸ˜€ Thanks to my guest, Alan King as we wish you much-continued success in everything you do! Until next time, Be Well, Take Care and continue to…#ROCKon​ #RealChicksRock​ #RCR​ #RealDiscussions​ #RealChicksRockChucks​ #StatusNetwork​ #LyveTV​ #ChosenFewDJs​ #DJAlanKing​

Real Chicks Rock “The Art Of Dance” 3-3-19

Real Chicks Rock! Presents Real Discussions Topic: The Art Of Dance…The Rhythm Within Us Guests: Anana Harris Parris and Tambra Harris Set your reminders now. You are sure to be informed and entertained! Tell a friend to tell a friend and SHARE… Tune in – Download the app Subscribe to the RCR! channel here: Follow Real Chicks Rock: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Pinterest – Website: Radio Network: #RCR#RealChicksRock#RealDiscussions#StatusNetwork#LyveTV#ROCKon#podcasthost#talkshowhost#talkshowpersonality#talkradio

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Real Chicks Rock “Women on The Move” 8-16-20

On Real Chicks Rock! Presents Real Discussions ~ The Topic: Women on The Move Guest: State Representative Valencia Stovall

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