Love & Poetry Podcast : Episode 5 Getting Over Your Ex and Making Time For Something New

Tune into a brand new episode of Love & Poetry as host Sean Garvey and Sha’ria Thomas speak with Calishea about the journey of getting over your ex and making time for something new. Listen live on, TuneIn app Reach One Network and on the Podcast FM app! You can download the app on! Listen on demand tonight on Spotify, Google Play, iHeart Podcasts under Reach One Network.

Love & Poetry with Sha’ria Thomas and Sean Garvey: What in the Dating App is Going On?

Episode Two: Sean Garvey talks with podcaster DJ Robinson about the new phenomenon called “Dating Apps,” that changed the way we date people and look at the dating scene. Garvey and Robinson exchange experiences on how the dating app life was to them and tips on how people should approach individuals through dating apps and online dating in general.

Credits: Sean Garvey (Podcast Producer) Sha’ria Thomas and Sean Garvey (Hosts)

Special Guest: DJ Robinson of Playing 4 Keeps Podcast

Music Bed for Intro and Outro Courtesy of Eric Roberson’s Picture Perfect Bass (On Jealous)

Bass (On Jealous) Jay Bratten Featuring – Phonte Producer – Simkat78 Producer, Written-By, Instruments – Aaron Hardin

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